My airline safety video awards

As someone who travels frequently, having to listen to and watch inflight safety videos is one of the more mundane aspects of every journey. So when airlines take time to produce memorable and sometimes giggle-inducing videos, I am delighted. On the other hand though, there are always some that make me want to sleep even before the safety messages are over. Here are some honourable mentions of the belly-tickling, the heart-warming, the eyebrow-raising and the cringe-worthy:


  • The ‘Heck-even-I’d-be-needing-oxygen-if-I-were-in-such-close-proximity-to-Gerrard-Pique!’ Award goes to Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona:
  • The ‘Those-80s-hairstyles-need-to-watch-out-for-low-flying-airplanes’ Award:
  • The ‘Cringeworthiest-2005-to-2010-internet-memes’ Award:
  • The  mandatory ‘Long-Live-Betty-White’ Award:
  • The ‘Gosh-the-Dutch-have-patience-and-Delft-art-is-exceptional’ Award:
  • The ‘This-reminds me-of-home’ Award:
  • And finally, the ‘I-would-go-watch-a-football-match-just-to-see-this-safety-video’ Award:

Do you have any favourites? I’d love to hear about them.

And to all those with travel plans whether during this holiday season or in the future, I invoke upon you the traveller’s blessing:

May your luggage fit overhead,

your turbulence light,

and your middle seat empty! 

Saneeya Qureshi © 2015





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