In memoriam

Lately I have been acutely missing my dearest Uncle, whose passing I blogged about last year in a post titled A Celebration of Life. I’ve been so caught up with the daily rigmaroles of life, that I hadn’t mentioned to my mum how much my Uncle has been on my mind recently; my longing to hear his deep voice saying “Congratulations” whenever I shared good news with him, or his comforting “Don’t worry. I’m here, aren’t I?” every time I’d call him up in tears following some downturn of events. He was my source of comfort, courage and strength; my protector, my advisor, my supportive and (sometimes) admonitory father-figure. I miss the daily doses of his wonderful sense of humour and how he was not only my confidante, but my keeper of secrets and co-conspirator in all the surprises that I’d plan for my mum.

Even today, 5 months and 11 days later, it still doesn’t feel real that he is no more just a phone call away for me, or that he won’t be the first one to greet and hug me at the airport when I go home. Even whilst writing this post, I am stumped for words to describe how very, very much my darling Uncle means to me. I shall leave you with this link to my mum’s blog about my beloved Mamu, as she eloquently describes how even the little things meant so much.

الله يرحمك مامو، آمين (Allah yerhamak Mamu, Ameen) God bless your soul Mamu, Amen.

Saneeya Qureshi © 2015


2 thoughts on “In memoriam

  1. A moving tribute, so beautifully expressed, spoken straight from the heart, and truly befitting the impressive personality of your uncle (Mamu) – well done, Saneeya! God bless. 🙂


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