A Celebration of Life

I recently lost my most-beloved father-figure, my dearest, darling Uncle. He was a good, kind, honest and humble man. That he cared for and respected those he knew from all walks of life, has never been more manifest, than in the eloquent tributes that have been pouring in from all across the world. His passing brought to mind the following poem (I am unable to locate its original author, but would be happy to attribute authorship if anyone points me in the right direction):

The Measure of a Man

How do you know the measure of a man?
Is it through the life he leads?
Is it through his path of integrity,
That he never would concede?

Do you know the measure of a man
When he stares into your eyes?
When his love and kindness fills you
And his spirit you can’t disguise.

Can you see the measure of a man?
Who smiles throughout his pain.
Who always embraced the sunshine
And laughed through all the rain.

I have seen the measure of a man
Whose family hold him dear,
Whose strength was inspirational
And intent always sincere.

I have known the measure of a man.
One who touched your heart,
Who the angels softly spoke to and who
From us now must part.

Remember that the measure of this
Man shall never fade or be lost
And the love he brought into our
Lives will never be forgot.

Softly we will speak of him
To chase the pain away
And the love we share between us
Will unite us again someday.

(Author unknown)

My mother has also shared her tribute to her beloved brother on her own blog, Maloquacious.

Please do remember my Uncle in your thoughts and prayers. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.

Saneeya Qureshi © 2014


10 thoughts on “A Celebration of Life

  1. This poem is lovely and has touched my heart just like I’m sure your uncle has touched those of so many. May Allah shower him peace and mercy and grant him a place in jannat.ameen.


  2. Reblogged this on Maloquacious and commented:
    Our family has lost a priceless jewel – M.K.A – the most precious and perfect part, who was our pride and joy, and will forever remain in our hearts and in the hearts of all others who were a part of his journey. Be at peace, my sweet one, and rest in the safety of Heaven’s warm, safe embrace. AMEEN.

    My daughter Saneeya jots down her feelings and emotions for her beloved uncle in her blog which I share with you below. God bless.


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